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During my placement at Acne London I worked on a pitch
to launch Dua Lipa’s latest album, ‘Future Nostalgia’ on Spotify.

My idea ended up winning out over Spotify’s in-house creative team.

The idea was to pitch the Dua Lipa album on Spotify as an immersive experience and to do so by using the imagery of kitsch, psychedelic vortexes, á la old school sci-fi movies,

to express the retro vibe of the album.


We had some cool plans to place these OOH vortexes on the sides of buildings and on the tube which sadly Covid-19 got in the way of:

The social post that ended up running was also shared on Dua 

Lipa’s Instagram timeline and in her stories

to her over 60 million followers.


Instagram Story

Billboards were due to go on Sunset Boulevard and Times Square. Again, Covid ruined that

Spotify_L.A 19%226'x48'PREVIEW.png
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